January 13, 2011


Valentine's photo via Urban Weeds.

We have a distinct memory of our 8th grade art teacher reminding us, on a day we were doing some sort of Valentine's-related project, that the word was spelled S-W-E-E-T, not S-W-E-A-T. We blame him for us always second-guessing our spelling.


We're going to do something fun in February and we need your help. Valentine's posts. At least two a week. That means we need eight stories. Or more.

So submit 'em. Please. 

They can be romantic, funny, tragic. They don't even have to be from Valentine's Day. Just a good story where your Valentine (or your mom or a friend) did something really sweet. Or at least notable. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. work, too.

Email us your stories to hellochopsuey (at) gmail (dot) com.

P.S. Isn't this photo HOT? We love the hipster-take on the pinup girl by one of our fave blogs, Urban Weeds. At the Ace Hotel in Portland no less. Cool. Someday, when we have a really special Valentine, we're going to do this.

January 10, 2011


The best way to make an intention real is to declare it. So here we stand. We need more writing practice, discipline. Blogging is good and all, but we need to mix it up.

Yesterday we had coffee with our dear friend - the talented, fabulous M of Styled Northwest and mentioned our desire to find a writing group. Or something. She was encouraging, of course. And curious herself. 

When we got home we did some searching and came up with Richard Hugo House - an organization we knew but hadn't explored much other than knowing they put on awesome events (hope we can make it to the one with Macklemore, dang!).

But, guess what? They're launching a writing happy hour! Drinks, writing prompts, other writers, space to post up with our laptop or notebook...here we go. 

Thanks for pushing us, M!