February 14, 2012


In honor of Valentine's Day and as a tribute to our Valentine, it's time to share our story of the Really Big Year. Honestly, it's impossible to convey all that has happened, the magic and wonder of everything clicking into place. (Yes, we've become one of those annoying google-eyed girls.) But, we'll try.
(Illustration by Ellen Van Engelen)
On the day after Valentine's, last year, we had a first date. It was a setup, we've mentioned it before. It was the best first date ever and we quickly started spending a lot of time with the guy. By the fourth date (or so) we were convinced he was one of the most beautiful people we'd ever met and in less than six weeks we were definitely in love.

So many moments: Sitting in the garden before a dinner date sipping champagne cocktails with petals floating in them (yes, he made these, we didn't!). Kissing in the car when he dropped us off. Being so scared about what we were feeling, but willing to admit it to him. Our first weekend together where we decided to do "normal," weekend things. Meeting his family and how generous and open they were with us.

For Memorial Day weekend we took him to our aunt and uncle's cabin in the woods and it was there, in our tent one night that he first asked us to marry him. If you'd told us that this was possible - three and a half months after meeting someone - we would have said no-way. But it's true.

It was about that time that we decided we wanted to have baby and pretty-darn-quick we were pregnant. It's been a whirlwind since and now we're six weeks away from our due date! Can you believe it?
We know, we're incredibly lucky. We can't forget that, for even a minute. 

And the reason we're sharing is because it's important to be reminded that crazy and beautiful things happen every day. Be open to them. Be willing to push yourself and try. Even if it doesn't work out the first gazillion times. You can make your life into whatever you want. 

We were closer to it happening for us then we could have ever imagined.