April 14, 2011


Remember that guy we told you awhile ago? The one who "wanted to hear our voice for the first time in person" and then sent a stick-it-to-you email to us? Well, he got in touch again. A full 51 days after his last email, which we didn't respond to. Interesting.

I am still curious as to how I missed out on a chance to take you out on a date.


Persistent. Since silence didn't work. Maybe it's time to be straight with him.

P, if you must know:

1) We asked you to call and you didn't, giving some weird line about wanting to hear our voice for the first time in person. We clearly wanted to speak on the phone prior to going on a date.
2) There were other guys we were more interested in going out with at the time so we felt no urgency with you.
3) You sent us a totally rude and immature email after we didn't respond to your advances.
4) We've met someone...the relationship has progressed in the past few weeks and we're not interested in dating other people.

We know that the online dating world can be pretty harsh and laced with vagueness. And we may approach it in a pretty cutthroat way that might not be fair. 

There have been lots of guys that we've had online conversations with who've suddenly stopped interacting, who we've gone on date with and who've never followed up. To us, that's just part of the process and we try not to take it personally. We guess we just figured that most people saw it that way. We never meant to be rude or hurtful.

Good luck to you.

What do you think? A fair response? We wonder if we'll hear from him again.