June 29, 2010


To all the ladies out there who've had their hearts broken, been treated badly and who wish it were different. And to those who've been lucky to find true love. Life wouldn't be the same without girlfriends.


June 24, 2010


Our friend went on a date once with a guy who told her he loved penguins. He even had a tattoo of a penguin. And, he was in a band. Which could be hot, right? But then he told her he wrote a song about having sex with a penguin.

What is wrong with people? Why do they let their freak flag fly onafirstdate?

June 22, 2010


We had another strange interaction with a guy recently. No date. Just emails. It seemed to start with a miss-communication, but then spiraled into something angry...

You decide.

Subject: Wondering why most of you look but don't write.
My name is Matt. You look willing to answer.

I usually write to introduce myself. Dating is not a priority right now but I figured I might as well ask somebody this question and see what happens. Are most women so invested in being found by the right guy that spending a few minutes on a hello seems out of the ordinary?

Have a good weekend,


Our Response: 
Hi Matt,

You pose an interesting question. Our thought is that girls may look but not write for the same reason that many guys look at our profiles but don't contact us -- once viewing a person's profile we may not find that "something" that interests us. For the most part, if someone does contact us, we try to respond in some way. What are your thoughts? Do you make contact with each person whose profile you look at? If not, why?

We also have another question for you -- if dating is not a priority, why are you on Match? A girlfriend of ours was on this site a couple of years ago, and this came up with one guy she was emailing.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Chop Suey
His Response:
If I'm interested at all then I write. I can't help you there. I'm on a dating site because I can't turn off my biology regardless of my priorities and would overcome my current circumstances for the right person. 2009 was the toughest year of my adult life and my "type" would not need explanation, I hope. If you're just wanting input and don't see what value there might be in getting to know me, happy hunting and take care.
Our Response: 
Well, we apologize if we misunderstood the intent of your first email. Typically if someone is interested in getting to know us and emails us here, "dating is not a priority" is usually not part of the email. After reading your email, we truly thought that you were looking for input.

Best of luck to you in your search.

June 15, 2010


We've been subject to a most unwanted trend lately: married men. We know there's nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting but, as the ratio of marrieds to singles in our world has increased, we've become a target.

Why does this happen to us? Is there something specific that we're doing? Or, because there's less of us - are all single, 30+ ladies at risk? Note to men: not every girl who talks to you wants to have sex. Seriously.

Interactions that are NOT OK:
  • Dirty texting
  • Repeated advances, even when we tell you to "stop it, you're married!"
  • Invitations to one-on-one beers (unless you're an good, long-time friend in which case we'll consider).
  • Even a recent outing with a married friend where we discussed his and his wife's hopes to get pregnant moved outside of the safety zone with one too-long-back-touch.
We hate not being able to be friends with whomever we want, but we're reconsidering our perspective. We try to have good boundaries, we do. Listen up men - you should too! Ask your wife out. Sext her. Pretend you're strangers and hit on her in a bar (maybe she'll even deny you the first few times to keep the fantasy realistic). Something! And stop making us feel bad.

June 10, 2010


Try new things. Get out there. That's what everyone tells us. So, here we go. Tomorrow is the start of World Cup 2010. We'll be there to watch South Africa vs. Mexico (well, not THERE, but at a bar, watching live). Should we root for Mexico? We think so. North America, represent!

Did we mention that the game is at 7am and that we have to get there early to find a seat? This is serious commitment ladies. But, we figure it'll be an adventure.

We don't know anything about soccer except for the corner kick and that the goalies wear different outfits (ahem, uniforms). And we barely know anything about early mornings these days. But we always like a good party and it's guaranteed to be festive. We hope cute boys are in our future...

Now, the big dilemma is what to wear? Our closet is sans jerseys and we refuse to try too hard by going out and purchasing one (plus, that could initiate uncomfortable conversations: "You like Manchester? Remember in 1998 when they played...." Ugh.). We figure we'll slap on something comfy but cute, since it'll be 5:30am (did we say this already!?!). Maybe leggings, boots, a T and fun earrings?

Will keep you posted.

June 3, 2010


You help us decide - should we go out with this guy again?

1) He asked us out for coffee, but suggested a restaurant at 6pm.

2) He picked a restaurant quite near our house, so we put on our flatest flats and took a stroll. Too bad he said he was 5' 10 but he was actually shorter than us - and we aren't even 5' 5 barefoot!

3) He reserved a table for us (really sweet, we know) and specifically requested side-by-side seating (just us, or is this awkward?).

4) Apparently he goes to this restaurant a lot because he knew what he wanted before we even had a chance to open the menu and seemed impatient for us to decide.

5) He ordered two eggs sunny side up and hash browns (Weren't we just meeting for coffee? Isn't it dinner time?) and then inhaled everything before we had two bites of our sandwich.

6) He's not interested in travel (which might be OK for some people, but we SO love to travel). However...

7) He likes to read about other places and believes that reading is essentially the same as the real travel experience.

8) When the check came not only did he take us up on our offer to split it, he made sure the waiter knew that the sandwich was ours (it was two dollars more than his, after all).