June 10, 2010


Try new things. Get out there. That's what everyone tells us. So, here we go. Tomorrow is the start of World Cup 2010. We'll be there to watch South Africa vs. Mexico (well, not THERE, but at a bar, watching live). Should we root for Mexico? We think so. North America, represent!

Did we mention that the game is at 7am and that we have to get there early to find a seat? This is serious commitment ladies. But, we figure it'll be an adventure.

We don't know anything about soccer except for the corner kick and that the goalies wear different outfits (ahem, uniforms). And we barely know anything about early mornings these days. But we always like a good party and it's guaranteed to be festive. We hope cute boys are in our future...

Now, the big dilemma is what to wear? Our closet is sans jerseys and we refuse to try too hard by going out and purchasing one (plus, that could initiate uncomfortable conversations: "You like Manchester? Remember in 1998 when they played...." Ugh.). We figure we'll slap on something comfy but cute, since it'll be 5:30am (did we say this already!?!). Maybe leggings, boots, a T and fun earrings?

Will keep you posted.

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