June 15, 2010


We've been subject to a most unwanted trend lately: married men. We know there's nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting but, as the ratio of marrieds to singles in our world has increased, we've become a target.

Why does this happen to us? Is there something specific that we're doing? Or, because there's less of us - are all single, 30+ ladies at risk? Note to men: not every girl who talks to you wants to have sex. Seriously.

Interactions that are NOT OK:
  • Dirty texting
  • Repeated advances, even when we tell you to "stop it, you're married!"
  • Invitations to one-on-one beers (unless you're an good, long-time friend in which case we'll consider).
  • Even a recent outing with a married friend where we discussed his and his wife's hopes to get pregnant moved outside of the safety zone with one too-long-back-touch.
We hate not being able to be friends with whomever we want, but we're reconsidering our perspective. We try to have good boundaries, we do. Listen up men - you should too! Ask your wife out. Sext her. Pretend you're strangers and hit on her in a bar (maybe she'll even deny you the first few times to keep the fantasy realistic). Something! And stop making us feel bad.


Saltina said...

This is the worst! My faith in humanity is waning.

Jmarls80 said...

So true! Of course, you can do what I do, and unintenionally wind up dating men in their early 20's. Sounds like a lose-lose to me.