June 3, 2010


You help us decide - should we go out with this guy again?

1) He asked us out for coffee, but suggested a restaurant at 6pm.

2) He picked a restaurant quite near our house, so we put on our flatest flats and took a stroll. Too bad he said he was 5' 10 but he was actually shorter than us - and we aren't even 5' 5 barefoot!

3) He reserved a table for us (really sweet, we know) and specifically requested side-by-side seating (just us, or is this awkward?).

4) Apparently he goes to this restaurant a lot because he knew what he wanted before we even had a chance to open the menu and seemed impatient for us to decide.

5) He ordered two eggs sunny side up and hash browns (Weren't we just meeting for coffee? Isn't it dinner time?) and then inhaled everything before we had two bites of our sandwich.

6) He's not interested in travel (which might be OK for some people, but we SO love to travel). However...

7) He likes to read about other places and believes that reading is essentially the same as the real travel experience.

8) When the check came not only did he take us up on our offer to split it, he made sure the waiter knew that the sandwich was ours (it was two dollars more than his, after all).


Jmarls80 said...

Ha! Definitely not!

Saltina said...

Winner! He had me at hates to travel.

Dorika said...

this dude sucks