October 31, 2011


OK, we know we've been gone too long. But our life has been upended in all the good ways and we're still spinning and madly in love.

Remember that guy we told you about awhile back - the one who kissed us for the first time and told us we were beautiful? Now he's our - ahem - fiancé.

We know we owe you a story about how we went from madly-dating-and-cynical-single-girl to the annoyingly-happy-engaged-gal who tells her single friends - "You never know, this might be your last first date ever. He could be the one." Yep, it's wonderfully true (and slightly annoying, we know).

But first, a shout out to all our favorite singletons in the form of a hilarious book of haikus.

Haiku For The Single Girl from Dan Meth on Vimeo.



Elizabeth said...

Finally! I've missed your posts!

CVilleFieldNotes said...

WTF?! I'm so happy for you and dying to hear the whole scoop!!