May 6, 2010


We tend not to read self-help books. Or dating books. But, the other day we had a bit of a Bridget Jones moment and ordered He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing), from Amazon. A friend of a friend wrote it and we've got to support our peeps!

But what really got us was that it seems to be along the line of a few things we've been thinking about lately: dating ruts, attraction and how it works, relationship patterns (For example, we realized that we've never dated a guy with a sister. Ever. What does that mean?), etc. Plus, our friend said that Andrea is wicked funny. And we love funny girls! 

We just started it, so don't have an official review. But, we're excited about this assignment and will keep you posted. 

Mark your calendars! Andrea will be speaking at Third Place Books in Ravenna on May 25. We're going for sure. Who's with us?

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