October 25, 2010


Photo via Green Door Studio

OK, we need your help. We've been compiling a mental list (to be doled out when asked - what do you feel like doing?) of our favorite date ideas. But, we live in Seattle and have only really dated here (except for some college-era dates in LA, which barely count) and, we've realized most of our fave dates are centered around food. We need some diversity and inspiration.

So, what's your favorite date activity and/or meeting spot?

  • Latona Pub: For a first date drink, or dinner anytime. With a rotating list of craft brews and wines and inspired-pub food we love, love, love this neighborhood spot. (We've been on so many dates here, we're waiting for the management to embarrass us and say something.)
  • Volunteer Park Cafe: Brunch or lunch and then bocce ball in the park (bonus, a walk up the water tower for stunning views and a kiss!).
  • Ocho: Perfect for a first date, tapas are good for conversation, get the Pimientos de Padron. Hot!
  • Henry Art Gallery: Watch the clouds and enjoy the company at James Turrell's Skyspace, Light Reign.
  • Kangaroo and Kiwi: Quiz night every Wednesday, it's the craziest one in the city!
  • Discovery Park: For a spontaneous, close-to-the-city hike, picnic (if the weather's fine) and beautiful views of the Sound and Olympic Mountains.
  • Century Ballroom: If you're feeling brave, learn salsa, tango and lindy hop at one of their classes.
  • Barolo: The sexiest bar in Seattle. And a great happy hour. Warning - we try and stick to a one-bottle-of-wine maximum (shared, of course!)
  • A mini road trip to Tacoma: Tacoma Art Museum, Graffiti Garages, dinner at Pacific Grill or Indochine. Yum!
We also like Lenny's for the jukebox, brews and maybe a game of pool. The Hazelwood because it's a great place to sit at the bar. And a walk to look at the houseboats on Lake Union.


Jmarls80 said...

This post makes me homesick for Seattle! Can I take you out on a date at ANY OR ALL of these amazing spots? :)

chopsuey said...

J-we would gladly go on a date with you any day! Name the time and place. Hope your heart is still happy and you're having fun.

About Meredith Mortensen said...

A walk around Greenlake and a stop for ice cream - classic Seattle. Or there is always Alki. I miss living in Seattle too...

Christina said...

I recently went on a date with my husband at the Seattle Art Museum, then drinks at the Art bar across the street.