August 18, 2010


It's about to begin: Ten days, two girls and a map of Montana. We're taking a road trip with one of our favorite people and can't wait for the adventures we're going to have.

We're borrowing a Holga. Our iPods are full of e-books, This American Life and great music (we plan on listening to The Head & The Heart over and over again after last weekend's epic performances). We have champagne in cans, lots of sunscreen, warm clothes and freshly washed sleeping bags (no bears for us!). And, in true Chop Suey-fashion, the menu's planned.

First up, Glacier (west then east) complete with a day-long horseback riding trek. Then Bozeman, Yellowstone, Missoula and home. We plan on going swimming, breathing lots of fresh air and taking in as much scenery as we can. Maybe we'll meet a cowboy (or two) or a super-hot camper-boy along the way....

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Saltina said...

It's going to be so amazing! And so cool about the Holga and champagne! Will miss you!!