August 30, 2010


We fell a little bit in love with a wrangler in Montana. We did. 

The road trip was epic. Lovely country, lots of good tests (we know how to build a mean fire and cook fab one-pot meals on a camp stove, hooray), one black bear (from a safe distance), new friends to inspire us and many laughs. 

Then there was our cute-and-super-cool wrangler (which is like a cowboy, but with horses only) who took us on the beautiful and miserable 8-hour trek to Cracker Lake (east Glacier). The icy wind blew, the rain poured, we were soaking wet and we saw a moose! It was the highlight of the trip. 

And then we had our crush to talk about the rest of the week. Aren't boys fun?


Saltina said...

Boys are indeed equally as much fun as they are trouble. I love that picture!

April said...

just proves that good company can cure all miserable days