August 4, 2010


We've come to terms with a dating reality - though some things aren't preferred, we'll cut our dates some slack and we hope they'll cut us some too.

Things we're cool with:

  • Less than ideal height/age/marital status (aka divorced or separated)
  • Lack of style (as long as it's not really bad and they're clean!)
  • Awkward conversations via email, phone or in-person (let's face it, dating is awkward, fun but weird)
Things that aren't OK:
  • Asking us out (when we've never spoken or met) on a first date via text, call us pleeeease
  • Extreme lateness (A guy we had coffee with last weekend, at a place supposedly two blocks from his house, was 35 minutes late!)
  • Weird texts from guys we barely know. For example: I have a heart-on for Mondays. Yes, we actually got this text from the the above late guy post-date. Was that supposed break the ice? How do you even respond?
Questions of the day:
  • What is it with people and texting? Is it just us or should texting early in a "relationship" be limited to "How r u?" And "Thnx 4 last night." types of texts?
  • What types of dating behavior and date characteristics will you put up with and what are deal breakers?

1 comment:

Krissy Engle said...

I agree on the bad style and less than perfect height/age/marital status. Style can be taught, for sure. I don't really mind the texting though. Somtimes I'd actually prefer a guy to text or e-mail rather than call me when I'm trying to work! Happy weekend!