July 29, 2010


OK, we've decided to Match it up again. So far, it's been pretty fun. No dates yet, but lots of good conversation with seemingly normal, interesting guys. Except this one. 

Email a few days ago from Match Guy:
Have you met your Jewish prince yet?

Uh, no! Why else would we be on an online dating site? We check out his stats.

Age: 37 (check)
Location: Beaverton, OR (wait a minute, just mapped this and it's over three hours from our house!)

We decide that the distance and question-that-doesn't-really-prompt-good-conversation puts this guy in the no category. We don't respond.

A few days later we get another email from Match Guy.

Subject: Hmmmmm
Email: Guess so :-)

Wait a minute. What is the point of that? Is he trying to call us out for not responding? Is there etiquette for dating websites that is above and beyond real life? (We can't even begin to count how many guys who have asked for our number and never called. But we're not sweating it. We don't call them and say "Why haven't you called?" It's part of the deal, right?)

Should we have been more open-minded and written back to him in the first place? Or were our instincts right and this guy is a weirdo?

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