July 27, 2010


We have a date tonight and are pretty excited. It's at our fave neighborhood pub (inspired food, delicious local beers and the perfect first date environment) and today's going to be super-sunny and hot. So we're having major outfit dilemmas. We want to wear a dress, but not be to dressy, booby, etc. 

Staring at our closet and not feeling very inspired. Wish we could have one of these...

We'd wear it with gold gladiators (flats) and simple jewelry. Maybe throw on our very favorite jeans-jacket.

Especially love the sweet one on the top-right. Styled with navy wedge espadrilles (TOMS if we were splurging) and our Kimberly Baker peacock earrings.

And this one just screams sexy summer.

We're on a budget so won't be buying anything and will probably settle on a black maxi dress, denim jacket with silver Birkenstocks and rocking-silver-chain bracelet. Maybe add a summer-weight scarf for "modesty."

What is your perfect summer date outfit?

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2 Zachary's Smile via i am a greedy girl


About Meredith Mortensen said...

Love the salmon colored dress. So cute!

Saltina said...

I also especially love that one on the top right! I know you looked great last night, I'm sure of it!

Saltina said...

Oh, forgot to answer your question! Hmmm, still mastering my date outfits, but I feel these two options would make me happy:

Casual - slouchy white tee, faded jeans, simple flat sandals, hat. Effortless and all American.

Sexy - Gotta try sometimes I guess. I have a new dress that is waist defining, and mini. But the navy in the dress grounds it a little from being too hoochie.

Krissy Engle said...

The last date I went on, I wore a long striped forever 21 dress and flip flops . . . casual, but still cute. I think the one before that I wore skinny jeans, heels and an off the shoulder baggy top. I adore that first dress! It's a perfect first date dress!