July 6, 2010


Last week our second date started off with guy telling us in full detail about a "crazy" girl he went on a date with three days prior. He was really trying to impress us with his open-minded nature.

We realize we want this date to be over as soon as possible and groan (inwardly, of course) when he suggests a walk around Greenlake. We agree to a short one. Which was filled with awkward conversation and making sure hands are occupied in case he tries to grab one. 

As we are walking back to his car, a crow swoops in and attacks the back of his head. A big, black crow! 

He yelled. Who could blame him? He wasn't bleeding. It took a lot of effort for us to not laugh as hard as the situation warranted. 

Seriously, getting swooped by a crow? That'll probably never happen again.


Crew said...

Believe me it's possible to get attacked by a bird! It happened to me - thankfully not on a date though.

Saltina said...

Clearly the bird was trying to tell you something :)

Jmarls80 said...

Crows must be able to detect losers.