July 12, 2010


Question: Do you delete phone numbers of ex boyfriends, hookups, weirdos and random boys you meet at the bar who ask for your number? 

We're torn. Sometimes we do. Because who needs the number of Snake (that's his given nickname, not ours) who drunkenly tried to get us to go home with him one night and then asked for our number when that didn't work? 

But, what about a guy you've gone on a few dates with? If you do, inevitably he'll text and you'll either have to ignore (and wonder if it was actually someone you wanted to talk to) or send the obligatory "Who is this?" response. Which is always awkward. And you didn't want to talk to him anyway.

This just happened to us. Random text from unknown number: "Can I assume you're watching the soccer game?" Who is this and why would they assume we're watching the soccer game? Oh, Man-Who-Prayed-Before-Meals. Where did you come from and why now? Ignore.

But the alternative is you have a ton of unnecessary numbers in the way of the people you actually want to talk to. 

Our brilliant friend once told us she reprograms all numbers with something along the lines of "Do not answer."

What do you do?


Saltina said...

Your friend sounds brilliant! I wish it was me who gave you the "do not answer" reprogramming advice.

P.S. My word verification for this comment is "stryp". Is blogger trying to tell me something?

Jmarls80 said...

Agreed - don't delete, reprogram! Preferably with something that will make you chuckle when they inappropriately reach out to you. I changed one of my exes' numbers to I'M CALLING YOU BECAUSE I'M DESPERATE. Works like a charm.

chopsuey said...

Wow, more brilliant advice! Thanks. What would we do without you ladies?

And yes, Saltina, we def. think the word verification is trying to tell you something (We've often wondered the same thing - maybe the guys who make those up were in a sassy!)

Krissy Engle said...

I always leave them in, just in case they try to ...gasp...call! I have a couple in my phone labeled Trolly#1 and Trolley#2, no idea what the guys names are and why I came up with the nickname Trolley, but at least when they call I can ignore! Love your blog, btw! :)

chopsuey said...

Oh, Krissy! You are one wise woman. Thanks for the advice, we might have some future Trolleys in our directory.

Glad you're here : )