July 20, 2010


Recently, a guy we'd gone on four or five dates with, arrived at our apartment to pick us up and - bonus - he gave us a present. 

It was a mix CD filled with love songs. Which could have gone either way at this point in our relationship. But, we decided to think it was romantic.

Until we realized that he had put on pink lipstick and kissed the envelope it came in. The front. The back was sealed with a kiss. And there was a final lipstick mark inside on the actual case!

This raised all sorts of uncomfortable questions: 
  • Where did he get the lipstick and was it solely for this purpose?
  • Why pink and not red or this season's "HOT" shade - coral?
  • Does he have no friends? Ones with the sense to say "Don't, dude."
  • Does he like other girly things like wearing panties?
These questions rattled around in our head all date long and, combined with him getting crazy-drunk and hanging all over us at a girlfriend's birthday party, sealed the deal. No more dates with this one.


Saltina said...

He really should have chosen coral.

Apt. #34 said...

be sure to check Apt 34 today for a happy surprise!

nyc lu said...

ahaha, that's hilarious! i have to forward this to my friend who always has the greatest dating disaster stories.