November 22, 2010


Last week we went over to our dear friend's house for a play date with her and her daughter. Our friend sheepishly tells us her mother met a man for us at shiva. And she got us his email address.

At shiva? "It's like we're in a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, she says." 

But we decided what the heck. Meeting someone is always random. The man seems to have "good bones" (never married, college, law school, etc.) and we tell her to send us his info. We look up his photo on Facebook (isn't technology great!) and he doesn't look like a troll. So, we email him, knowing that there is zero chance he'll ever write back.  

But guess what? He did. And he asked us out. 

When we called our friend's mother to give her the news she told us she might have caught the matchmaking bug. Baking just isn't doing it for her anymore.

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