November 3, 2010


We admit that we're obsessed with design - lately it's been focused on fashion styling and home decor. Sneak Peeks on Design*Sponge are a particular fave.

We spent months and months going over the archive peeks and now check every Monday religiously for new ones. It's so hard to pick one, but we love love love the two homes of Michelle Michael and her husband. Simple and functional, fun color, a mix of thrifted and high-end, ooh la la! And really, it's no surprise because we own a very dog-eared copy of Michael's "The New Apartment Book."

After recently repainting our apartment we tackled long-talked about updates including:

  • Hanging new curtain rods
  • Hanging poster display system to show off our collection
  • Making curtains with cool fabric we found at Ikea

And the next day we made banana crunch muffins (via Barefoot Contessa) and changed our headlight. We were feeling so handy until we electrocuted ourselves when replacing a light switch cover (the easiest-seeming thing on our To-Do list). Whoops!

Our fantasy is that one day we might be cool enough to be featured in a Sneak Peek (hey, a girl can dream). But in the meantime we'll be satisfied with sharing with you.

And, this spring we refurbished an old, ugly Ikea TV cabinet into a small bar. Before:

Adding the clear casters was the final touch. After:

 Most of the posters, but not all, are by Beautiful Angle. Some bought, some found on telephone poles.


About Meredith Mortensen said...

love, Love, LOVE! Most definitely you could be on a sneak peak. I can see it now...

Briana said...

I love it! The bar cabinet is divine! At first I didn't recognize this as your home...I thought it was a sneak peak from design sponge. Seriously! Hey, I'm a huge nerd and couldn't help but notice the joyce carol oates book on your dresser. Did you know she's going to be speaking at the Seattle Arts and Lectures series? My mom and I have tix to the series. I'm excited!