March 1, 2011


Pickwick at Conor Byrne open mic, photo via Picwick

Last Sunday we went to an open mic* that we like - lots of friends, great local music and it's a good way to kickoff the week. 

We were hanging out, drinking a beer when we noticed this guy looking at us. 

He was rocking an Axle Rose look, and not-in-a -good-way. Later, and completely unprovoked, a guy friend of ours asked us "what was up with the dude with the jock strap on his head?" Now you see our issue?

Even though we were avoiding eye contact, dude sidled up to us and...

Axle: Where you from?

Us: Here.

Axle (looking at us as if we were bullshitting him): But you're drinking PBR - isn't it from the Midwest somewhere?

Us: Uh, yeah...?

We weren't sure there was a correlation.

Axle: So, really, where are you from.

Us (confused): Here? (implying, what are you getting at here?)

And then, because suddenly we felt awkward and bad. Like he was trying to make us sorry for being rude. Even though we weren't.

Us: Well, technically we were born in Texas, but we grew up here.

Axle: Born in Texas, huh?

Us: Sí.

Axle (now really looking at us as if we're being the rudest): Sí?

Honestly, we don't know why that popped out. He stomped of.

How do guys have a way of doing that? Making a girl feel like she's being a bitch if she's nice, but not giving him what he think he deserves? The four friends who happened to witness the exchange rolled their eyes and gave us the "lucky you lost that one," look.

Axle continued to work the girls in the room. The man was persistent. It got worse - at some point he let his long, curly hair down and it hung in a tangled mess over the jock strap thingymajig.

At the end of the night, we were standing at the front of the room, along the wall with a few others, listening to the last of the music and watching Axle/Jock Strap interact with a girl at the bar.

A camera came out and suddenly his pants dropped and all five of us were treated to a peek at his bare ass. It wasn't an accident. We don't even want to think about what you could see from the camera angle! Ugh.

Not that we were questioning our earlier judgment - but it looks like we ducked a good one.

*A great story (and videos) about Picwick at the open mic. If you haven't heard of them, they're definitely worth a listen. We hope the band doesn't mind being featured in this story. They're absolute gentlemen! 

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