March 3, 2011


This is a story with a soundtrack. 

The Doe Bay Sessions - Curtains for You from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.

Recently, we attended a show at Richard Hugo House. It was a part of a literary series. 

Each artist - two writers and three musicians - were asked to write new work based on the theme "Brief Encounters" and preform. It was really amazing. 

Our favorites were the Hannah Hynes-Mumford's (a high school senior, impressive!) reading and Macklemore. Both mind-blowing in different ways. It was a special treat to see how Macklemore's rap techniques translated to the essay he wrote and vice versa.

And it reminded us of a brief encounter of our own.

Last fall we stopped by a vintage shop called Indian Summer. We scored some great stuff and admired this cool men's shawl-collar Pendelton sweater on a mannequin. As we were paying two guys walked in. One was super-cute and happened to be wearing the exact same sweater as the mannequin.

Of course, we blurted out "You're wearing the same sweater..." (it was a small store) and trotted over to him to check the labels of both sweaters and confirm. Did we mention how cute he was?  

He told us that he got his sweater from his grandfather. And that was that. 

A few weeks later we were lucky enough to be invited to a house show featuring The Head and The Heart (don't be jealous), Kelli Schafer and Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives. And, in between getting totally wasted - we went alone and were nervous, don't judge - we spotted a familiar looking guy. But we couldn't figure out why. Until at the end of the night he put on the sweater - it was him again!

Who is he? He must know someone we know...this is just crazy.

And then, on New Year's day, we walked around Greenlake with a friend - it was a beautiful day. And who did we see walking the opposite direction? Yep, Cute Sweater Guy! 

We couldn't help but jump. And we think he noticed us because we made brief eye contact. He gives us goosebumps.

Weird huh? It makes us wonder how many times we cross the paths of the same people but never recognize them.

Since then we've seen him around even more and actually figured out that we do have friends in common. No, we're not stalking him. But, for some reason he makes us incredibly nervous and we haven't gotten the courage to introduce ourselves yet. 

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Saltina said...

I am jealous. Bravo on the story. Baby steps!