April 16, 2010


A recent second date with a someone who wasn't doing it for us, got us thinking. How to exit gracefully? 

If you've been on one or two dates, can you just let the interaction fizzle out? What is the time frame that requires a conversation? 

And, other than the direct, "Dude, I'm just not into you," how do to you tell someone, "thanks but no thanks."

Our best line for (nicely) letting someone know we don't want to date:

Oh, honey, we're just not your girl. We would drive you out of your mind in short order because……(fill in the blank with whatever fault you think will drive them away) We wish you the best.

And leave it at that.


Jmarls80 said...

Clever. I call this the "Thank You for Playing" speech and typically mention that I'm feeling more friendly than romantical. It's never a good talk, though.

chopsuey said...

Update: We told Mr. Second Date that we weren't feeling it and got something along the lines of this: "But you haven't even scratched the surface of knowing me..." Exactly.