April 12, 2010


Our mom makes the most amazing pies. Our grandmother made the most amazing pies. So do our aunts. Even our sister is making pretty damn good pies. So, obviously we're both spoiled and intimidated by the lady-pie-bakers in our family. Why would we ever even try? But we want to. We're drawn to pies (not just the eating of them, the process!).

We stumble upon this recipe (and lovely photography) via Sunday Suppers. We had a crush. So, on a blustery, dark winter evening on Orcas Island we decided to make a butternut squash gallet for our friends, figuring we would ease into this pie-making business. (A gallet is free-form and "rustic." Perfect for our first attempt at pie making.) Unfortunately, we found out it wasn't pomegranate season. So we modified with pears. We even did it like our grandmother would have, without an electric mixer. Just mucho elbow grease. It was delicious. We may be pie-bakers after all.

Next time we will try cranberries instead of pears. Unless we can find pomegranates at the market.


Saltina said...

It was very delicious, and no cheese! Which is usually why I find things delicious, so that's a real compliment.

Briana said...

Once you've mastered pie crust, you're basically a baking goddess! Your galette sounds delish. If you're interested, here is a foolproof pie crust recipe (just scroll down the page a little) which uses vodka to keep it light and flaky. I like this one a lot.
And if you're into beautiful food photography, Smitten Kitchen is for you!

chopsuey said...

I'm happy to have made it to goddess-hood! Thanks for the recipe, anything with vodka is goodbyme : )