February 24, 2011


Yep, that means we're online dating again. And it's keeping us busy. This time we decided to try a local source - thought it might provide more interesting prospects. And so far, so good.

And, we got set up!

The first online date left us feeling deflated. We mean, the guy was nice, cute, interesting, etc. But...there wasn't much there. And we believed that he agreed. 

We wondered - how many first dates are we going to have go go on before we get at least a spark of intrigue and excitement? Where we feel confident that he feels the same? We don't think our expectations are that high - we know it's not likely that we're going to go on a first date and come home thinking "He's the one." But, we'd at least like to think more than "We guess it was OK and will say yes, we think, if he asks us out again." Just to see.

Second date was the setup. We've never been really setup before. Have you?

And it was so fun. Gave us hope again. Even though we were super nervous (not to mention the fact that we'd never even seen a picture of this guy - and believe us, we tried. Googling him and all. Nothing.). He was interesting, sexy, easy-to-talk-to, fun, left us wanting more.

We planned a second date right then. 

And, later that week we scheduled two more online dates.

Second date with the setup - he took us to a great neighborhood restaurant. Ordered wine. We ate and talked our hearts out. And then we kissed goodbye. Asked him when we'd see him again. And he said he hoped soon. And then we kissed some more. Right on the street. In front of the restaurant. How fun!

He told us we were beautiful. And it was perfect.

Tomorrow we have another online first date. And Sunday morning coffee with another. Whew - it's making us tired thinking of it! But, really, we can't wait to see setup guy again...

This is good, right?


Jmarls80 said...

Sometimes you have to engage in some good-old VOLUME DATING to get where you want to go. Enjoy it! Glad Set-Up boy makes you tingle!

Sabina said...

love the photo choice ;)

chopsuey said...

Thanks ladies - for the encouragement!

Dorika said...

its very good!!

Dorika said...


Saltina said...

This is SO good.