February 10, 2011


Photo by Leah Reich via sfgirlbybay

We had been dating T for about four months. We were a single mom and our son's sixth birthday was coming up. We love parties but they can be overwhelming, especially when you're like us and obsess over the most ridiculous details. This particular birthday was putting us over the edge.

T offered to make the party favors. We were touched by the offer. 

Being a control-freak, we normally wouldn't have accepted. But, we were completely overwhelmed and knew it. So we took him up on it. And told ourselves we weren't going to tell him what to do. We were so grateful. 

We expected standard favors - little bags full of candy, leggos, plastic toys, puzzles, etc. Or something.

T arrived with CD’s illustrated with an image of a train. Each one was filled with great kid’s music including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Iz, and were protected in individual colorful CD holders. He passed them out when all of the guests were leaving.

This is when we knew - this man was a serious keeper.

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