February 14, 2011


Things had been exclusive with this guy for about six weeks by the time Valentine's Day rolled around. But, because a) we're attachment-phobic and b) didn't totally believe that he was into us for real, we weren't about to bring it up.

So, we were shocked when he not only mentioned it, he wanted to take us out. Imagine that - a date with a guy we liked on Valentine's!

He proposed dinner and then catching his brother's show at the oldest bar in the city. When we arrived at his house (he didn't have a car, so we usually drove) he surprised us with roses. He hadn't struck us as the romantic type.

The sweetest thing wasn't even the flowers, although they were lovely. It was the fact that he'd ridden the bus to the florist and then BACK with flowers. On Valentine's Day. (He told us that several women-and-fellow-bus-riders even commented!) He really liked us.

The evening was perfect. A spicy dinner, great music and the best company. (We even convinced the door guy to draw a heart on our wrist with Sharpie instead of his regular X!)

And, even though things didn't work out with the guy, we dried-and-saved one of the roses for a long time to remind us to believe in surprises and that we are lucky and loved.

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