February 15, 2011


We've been lucky to date a lot of really nice, thoughtful guys. But one stands out in particular.

1. We were long distance. A few weeks before Valentine's Day he sent us a box of fortune cookies with these instructions: Eat one a day until V-day, when we would see each other. It didn't take long to realize that each cookie had a custom fortune, ranging from favorite memories we shared, to little things he liked about us. Come on - adorable!

2) Sometimes it's the little things. Once, we stepped out of a shower to find boyfriend waiting for us with freshly heated (with a hairdryer) socks so our feet wouldn't get cold. 

3) He told us we were going to his cousin Tony's wedding in Portland. We drove down, got dressed up and headed to the event - gift in hand. We sat on the groom's side. It took us awhile to realize that this was actually Tony and Tina's wedding, the production! We loved that he tricked us. And had us going for awhile. We thought his "cousin" was nuts!

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